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My REAL Purpose in LIFE!

I was curious of many things in this life.  One of these is my curiosity about this so-called “LIFE”.  I have lots of questions in mind ever since I was young. Questions about: Why the world exists? Why there is LIFE? Why human beings were created? Who gave life to human beings? What is my REAL purpose in this world? And so on…

While I was growing up, I gradually understood the answers to these questions. My questions about LIFE and My REAL PURPOSE IN LIFE!!

  LIFE is a TESTas we always say. Human beings live to have a test. GOD, our creator, gives us a test by giving us many challenges in life. He would test the extent of our LOVE on Him, our FAITH on Him, our GRATITUDE on Him, our TRUST on Him, and so on.

TIME would come that every human being will die and that this world will come to its END. Because there will be an ending for everything in this TEMPORARY WORLD and because the PERMANENT LIFE is the life HEREAFTER.

The result of this Test in life would be revealed on the DAY of JUDGEMENT! A Verdict whether we have PASSED or FAILED God’s test to us. Of course, there would be a reward for every test result: PARADISE for those who passed and HELL for those who failed.

I want to live in PARADISE forever! So, I should PASS this TEST! But How? This would lead to answer my question what is my Real purpose in life?


All of us should use our TEMPORARY LIFE in preparation for our PERMANENT LIFE (The LIFE HEREAFTER).

I am praying that GOD will give me enough TIME, STRENGTH, and KNOWLEDGE, and the like to achieve my Real purpose in life and that HE will guide me along the way. May God help us all to realize/achieve our Real purpose in life!

I am curious to know too, what is the Real purpose of your LIFE?                                                                                                                  I hope you enjoy reading!



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